Sono-Sheath™ publication shows excellent ultrasound visibility results

On 25 February 2021 a first study comparing the US visibility of a conventional echogenic needle with Sono-Sheath™, was published in CIVR:

In this human cadaver pilot study, conducted by the Department of Medical Imaging, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, the impact of an innovative echogenic sheath over a standard echogenic biopsy needle during a percutaneous US-guided liver biopsy was evaluated. 

Key Findings and Conclusions

“Qualitative assessment showed that sheath 3 consistently outranked the control needle. In addition, at an insertion angle of 30⁰ the radiologists expressed more confidence in taking a biopsy with the echogenic sheaths than with the control needle. Quantitative assessment showed favorable intensity profiles for the prototypes.”

“This pilot study suggests placing an echogenic sheath over a regular biopsy needle during ultrasonography is feasible and could be of considerable advantage in increasing needle visibility. Sheath 3 consistently outranked the others and had significantly higher echogenic intensity profiles than the control needle, without appearing to give artifacts or shadowing.“

About Sono-Sheath™

Note for the Press

Encapson has developed Sono-Coat™; an innovative echogenic coating system to improve the ultrasound visibility of medical devices in the body. The Sono-Coat™ technology is based on a coating matrix containing acoustically reflective microspheres. The microspheres scatter the ultrasound waves in all directions. The enhanced reflection leads to crystal clear and sharp images on the ultrasound screen. The Sono-Coat™ technology platform consists of two coating systems: the M-series for needles and the P-Series for catheters.

Sono-Coat™ enables precise targeting of objects in deeper tissue structures such as liver and kidney biopsies, facilitates vascular access, setting peripheral nerve block and tip confirmation of CVC, PICC, Drainage and Regional Anaesthesia catheters. The unmatched ultrasound visibility of Sono-Coat™ supports the physician in performing accurate, safe and error-free ultrasound-guided procedures.

Encapson provides coating services to the medtech industry. We develop advanced visibility solutions for a large variety of products creating unique value for your portfolio. Our company is ISO-13485:2016 certified and delivers high-quality products that meet stringent regulatory and end-user requirements.

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