Note for the Press

Encapson has developed Sono-Coat™; an innovative echogenic coating system to improve the ultrasound visibility of medical devices in the body. The Sono-Coat™ technology is based on a coating matrix containing acoustically reflective microspheres. The microspheres scatter the ultrasound waves in all directions. The enhanced reflection leads to crystal clear and sharp images on the ultrasound

Multiple Applications

The Sono-Coat technology can be applied to a large variety of medical devices: the P-series coating system specifically developed for Polyurethane, Nylon, PEBAX, PEEK, PVC, and Polysilicon devices and the M-Series for Steel, Titanium, Nitinol and Ceramic based devices Sono-Coat™ is biocompatible, temperature resistant, and can be overcoated with lubricious, anti-microbial and anti-thrombogenic coatings without