About Encapson

Defining new standards for ultrasound visibility

Encapson is a medical technology company with the mission to improve patient care through innovative echogenic coating solutions for medical devices

The company’s flagship products are two high-end Sono-Coat™, biocompatible echogenic coating platforms providing unsurpassed ultrasound visibility for medical devices in the body

Encapson provides coating services to the MedTech industry and recently started development of its first own medical device: Sono-Sheath™, a unique universal visibility solution for use in Biopsy and Vascular Access

The company employs a team of competent professionals with deep chemical and coating knowledge

Encapson is ISO13485:2016 certified and recently deployed a cutting-edge production unit for the automated application of Sono-Coat™

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Heico Breek, MD, MBA


Heico Breek is responsible for overall management of the company, strategy and business development, strategic alliances, funding and investor relations. Before joining Encapson, Heico held senior management positions in Europe and the United States at Aventis Pharma as Vice-President Global Marketing. He was General Manager of Aventis AB in Sweden. After moving to biotech he was Chief Commercial Officer at Tigenix NV, Belgium. Heico holds a Medical Degree from VU University Amsterdam and an Executive MBA from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Lee Ayres, PhD


Lee Ayres is co-founder of Encapson and led the development of the Sono-Coat™ technology. Lee is responsible for the improvement and upscaling of Encapson’s coating technology platforms, managing customer sample tracks, business development and introducing technical innovations. Lee has built an extensive industry network focused on developing echogenic solutions for medical devices. Lee holds a Master's Degree in Chemistry from University of York and a PhD from the Radboud University of Nijmegen in Synthetic Polymer Chemistry.

Bram Pape, PhD


Bram Pape leads the operational organization and is responsible for running Encapson’s day-to-day business and implements standardized business processes. He has a background in Project Management and R&D in the pharmaceuticaland medical industry at FeyeCon Carbon Dioxide Technologies, Océ Technologies and TMC. Bram holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Radboud University in Nijmegen and a PhD from the Eindhoven University of Technology in development of biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine and Drug Delivery.