Encapson successfully raises Series B financing to boost the market introduction of Sono-Coat™ and accelerate growth

First market introduction of Sono-Coat™ in Q1 2017
Enschede, August 1, 2016 – Encapson BV, a Dutch medical device coating company based in Enschede, has raised a Series B financing round to boost the market introduction of Sono-Coat™, an echogenic coating to enhance the ultrasound visibility of medical devices. PPM Oost, NextGen Ventures and other investors participated in the financing round along with Encapson’s first investor, the Twente Technology Fund.

Sono-Coat™ supports the physician in safely and accurately performing “ultrasound-guided” minimally invasive procedures. Sono-Coated™ catheters and needles provide unmatched ultrasound visibility by better reflecting the ultrasound signal back to the probe. With Sono-Coat™, medical devices shine bright with sharp contours on the ultrasound screen, allowing for effortless location.

Rapid growth of ultrasound-guided minimally invasive surgery
In today’s clinical practice, the use of ultrasound equipment is becoming increasingly popular. Image quality is continuously improving and ultrasound machines are getting smaller and smaller, which enables point of care diagnostics and treatment. Consequently, the number of minimally invasive surgeries performed under ultrasound guidance is growing rapidly. This shift from open surgery to minimally invasive techniques is a major plus for patients, who benefit from quicker recovery, fewer side effects and lower costs. As the medical device industry prepares for this change, it is looking for ways to improve the functionality and usability of ultrasound-guided medical devices. This is where Encapson’s Sono-Coat™ comes in. An independent research study has confirmed the superior ultrasound visibility of Sono-Coated™ medical devices. The company has already established development and contract manufacturing collaborations with leading international medtech companies.

Impact of Sono-Coat™ in daily clinical practice
Encapson specifically targets high-end specialty products on the $4 billion medical device market: biopsy needles, tumor ablation needles, central venous and regional anaesthesia catheter systems. In these market segments, the Sono-Coat™ technology provides high clinical added value. Interventional radiologists, endoscopists and many other clinicians performing ultrasound guided surgeries will soon have access to Sono-Coat™. The unmatched ultrasound visibility of Sono-Coat processed medical devices helps the physician in the execution of these procedures. Insurance companies and hospital administrations are likely to support the shift toward ultrasound-guided minimally invasive surgeries as they reduce costs in terms of hospital stay and avoid the use of radiation-based imaging techniques. Ultimately, the patient will benefit from an improved clinical outcome and less radiation exposure.

“We are very pleased with this new investment. The joint expertise and broad medtech network of this investors consortium will help moving the company to the next stage” says Heico Breek, CEO of Encapson. “We now have the means to strengthen the company’s infrastructure, increase production capacity and accelerate the market introduction of Sono-Coat™”.

Twente Technology partner and member of Encapson’s supervisory board, Harm de Vries is enthusiastic about the recent developments: “Since our first investment, Encapson has developed a fantastic product portfolio and is working together with several leading needle and catheter manufacturers to enhance the ultrasound visibility of their devices. I’m looking forward to my continued collaboration with the Encapson’s management team.”

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About Encapson
Encapson (www.encapson.com), a Dutch medical coating company, has developed Sono-Coat™, an innovative, echogenic coating to improve the ultrasound visibility of medical devices. Sono-Coat™ provides a unique clinical added value for executing new and existing ultrasound-guided medical procedures. The Sono-Coat™ technology is based on a coating matrix of acoustically reflective microspheres. Sono-Coated™ catheters and needles enhance the reflection of the ultrasound signal back to the ultrasound probe, providing the physician with unmatched ultrasound visibility. Encapson works closely with the medical device industry and clinicians to improve the ultrasound visibility of medical devices. In collaboration with our partners, we are developing the gold standard for precision-guided medical procedures to improve patient care and quality of life. Our goal is to make it easier for interventional clinicians to treat their patients.

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